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  • 08 Feb, 2023

How to Treat Termite Problem at Your Home: Simple Steps

Discovering termite damage at your home can be upsetting. Termites are among the most destructive insect pests that can cause damage in a very short duration. They may damage the structural wood of your house and the areas around wooden windows and doors. Serious infestations may also cause damage inside the walls of your home. The only way to get rid of these infestations is to kill the termites. 

Many buildings and structures are affected by these pests every year, resulting in huge financial losses. Read this article to understand how to get rid of termites through home treatments. 


Home Remedies to Treat Termite Problems

Sunlight Exposure

Exposure to the sun is the most natural way to prevent termites. Moisture and darkness are needed for the birth of termites; they die when exposed to too much sunlight and heat. So continuously keeping your hardwood furniture in sunlight for at least two to three days can help you get rid of termites. This process is also helpful in the removal of any moisture from the furniture, thereby preventing a termite infestation. This simple procedure is highly effective and one of the best termite treatments. 


Nematodes are parasitic worms that eat termites. You can easily buy these tiny worms online or from specialty stores. You can spread them in an area where you spot termite damage; they will eat the termites and help you eliminate them. If termites reside in your outdoor areas, sprinkle the affected areas with potting soil, water and nematodes to combat the infestation. 


Vinegar is a wonder product for your home. It's not only used to clean everything from the kitchen counter to the shower but it can also be used to kill termites. Vinegar is another common household substance used to treat termite problems. To get the maximum benefits, you must create a vinegar mixture by adding a few tablespoons of lemon juice to a half cup of vinegar and spray the mixture twice or thrice every day to prevent infestations. Do this regularly for a few days to get rid of termites completely.



Sodium borate, which is generally sold as a borax powder or boric acid, is normally used to wash laundry but can also kill termites. This acid acts as a neurotoxin for termites. It attacks the termites' nervous system and kills them. You can sprinkle the powder on the affected area or mix it with water and spray it into an infested area. 



Salt or Sodium Chloride is beneficial in treating and preventing termite infestations. You can dissolve salt in hot water and fill syringes with the mixture, and use the syringe at the entry point of the colony to get rid of termite infestation.You can also fill this mixture in spray bottles and spray it on the infected areas, or soak cotton balls in the mixture and keep the cotton balls near the infestation.


Orange Oil 

Orange oil is an excellent termite solution as it contains d-limonene, which is deadly for termites. The oil is obtained from orange peels; you can buy it from any home improvement shop, garden store, or online. Orange oil causes the exoskeletons of termites to dissolve. You can spray the oil directly onto termites or areas where you suspect termites might be present. You can also spray the oil to prevent termites from entering an area. Therefore, regularly spraying orange oil around your house is an excellent way to keep your home termite free. 


Wet Cardboard 

If you are looking for an easy anti-termite treatment at home, cardboard can be the best option. Cardboard is composed of cellulose and has a wooden smell that termites can't bear. 

You can moisten a cardboard box using some water to make the cardboard smell more distinct and then place it near the affected area for termite control. Within a few hours, the termites will be captivated by the open cardboard’s smell and infest it. Then you can discard the box or burn it to remove termites. 


Neem Oil 

Neem oil is extracted from neem leaves and seeds with high medicinal properties. Neem oil has the power to affect the reproductive cycle of termites. Once a termite consumes the oil, there is a hormonal change in it. Due to hormonal imbalance, termites forget to eat and mate. As a result, they stop laying eggs, and the growth of new termites stops. 


Maintain a Distance Between Soil and Wood

If you have a garden, you must ensure some distance between the soil and wooden furniture. Most experts advise a minimum of an eighteen-inch space between the soil and furniture. This will prevent termites from attacking any furniture you have kept in your garden. You can also use stones or cement to separate the soil from the wooden area like patios etc. and create a physical barrier for termites. 


Cayenne Pepper 

Cayenne pepper powder or spray has proved to be successful in getting rid of termites. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which destroys the termite's nerve systems and kills them. Either spray the powder directly on the termites or mix it with vegetable oil, water, and pepper powder to make a spray. Spray it at least once a week to get rid of termites. 


Insecticidal Soap

You can make use of an insecticidal soap to kill termites. This soap builds a coating that damages their breathing system. You can use a spray bottle to combine the soap with water and spray it on the termites for a few days until they are all dead. 



You can use any of the abovementioned home remedies to keep termites at bay and protect your furniture. These homemade remedies not only treat termites but also prevent the infestation from spreading.